Lazy Sundayzzz

Woke up with a slightly heavy head (to say the least) on Sunday morning, thanks to indulging in one too many Cosmo’s with the girls…. always a great idea at the time! Anyhow the good-old Sunday remedy was close at hand, and as per usual it never ceases to let me down.

Remedy #1: 1 x greasy fry up.

Remedy # 2: Do not stray far from the couch and maybe more food?

Remedy # 3: Maybe take a drive, relax, and dare I mention, more food???

#1: Tick.
My greasy breakfast was hosted by the fabulous Nice on Fourth Ave, Parkhurst. We were fortunate enough to get a table at the quaint bookshop, come coffee shop and as always they never fail to disappoint! I went for the scrumptious egg basket (basically two poached eggs, cradled in toasted bread baskets, topped with some good garlicky roasted cherry tomatoes and crispy bacon, mmm…). Their home made lemonade flavoured with coffee beans is also delish! And both of those; combined with some good coffee left me starting to feel semi-normal again, even quite good!!

#2: Tick:
Couch time was well received in order to let the food slowly digest – lets say two to three hours of maxing out on the couch and dare I say it; watching the Idols Extra channel, ok yes I admit; I am sort-of a closet fan… However the stomachs were once again grumbling, so yip, more food time. Lunch: Koi in Sandton for sushi, amazing and piggy!!

This is for real, demolished between two of us

#3: Tick.
Just a little coffee and something sweet was needed to top off the day of indulgence, so swung by Corner Cafe on the way home where we picked up some takeaway coffee’s and a giant choc-chip cookie. WOW; the cookie was amazing, jam-packed with pecans and real chocolate and still managing to have that silky goey texture in the middle, yum! So we found ourselves relaxing in the Craighall communal park, watching the bypassers and scoffing cookies and coffee. What a way to end a perfect day….


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sundayzzz

  1. Hi Se, I love your blog… really reminds me of the beautiful thing South Africa has to offer! All the coffee shops, restaurants etc. I miss that mostly, there not too much of that here. We do have Costa coffee and Starbucks, but I do prefer the independant and uniques coffee shops! keep well x

  2. se – i love that u can eat yummy food and still be such a skinny m’linx.
    so jealous! u must have something in life well balanced. good on ya! x

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