The summer house is back!!

Our living situation in Jozi has been a bit dire of late; to say the least – what with house-mates finding themselves attached to respective lovers, we all appear to have become a little wrapped up in ourselves – this could also be thanks to the abrasive winter onslaught that attacked us up here which dismally affected the social regime… Whatever it may be, it has resulted in a quiet and disappointingly unsociable performance from the summer-house team (aka our Parkhurst residence which beds 4 of us friends that go way back…)

This however was rectified as of Saturday 04 September 2010. In true SA style we hosted a braai for the rugby and told whom-s0-ever was interested to pop round – landed up having a good crowd of about 30 of us and much fun was had by all. With some sipping on Pimm’s (thanks Huffie & Stormie), chilling in the sun, braaing, eating, laughing, swimming and the evening was topped off with a stroll down to  oh-so-classy Jolly Rodger…hmmmm – could have done without this detail! but it does somehow always guarantee an entertaining night.

mmmm, totally over-catered…


Thanks for the great day and congrats to the “summer-house” team, good to have you back!


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