Candied Pancetta, Goats Cheese & Aged Balsamic Salad

This recipe is taken from the gorgeous, What Katie Ate blog. The blog is done by Katie herself, who is a food photographer. Her recipe’s are so simple, yet so effective. Exactly the style of cooking I love; keeping things fresh and simple but using unique and quality ingredients with small touches that accentuate flavours and colours. I love her salad featured below, a great one for a Sunday lunch, just serve with some warm, crusty ciabatta, mmmm…


RECIPE: Candied Pancetta, Goats Cheese & Aged Balsamic Salad

You’ll need:
2 x bags ‘leafy-style lettuce’ aka not the stalky bitter stuff or such, try and get two or three different types (no iceberg!) Or as would be a more preferred option – one of two heads of fresh lettuce.
1 x punnet of cherry tomatoes sliced in half, I like to mix up whatever ones/colours are in season.
1 x bunch of spring onions/scallions, sliced (optional)
1 x large handful of cashew nuts
1 x ruby red grapefruit (Note: this variety is less sour, I wouldn’t recommend using a reg. grapefruit if you can’t find a ruby red one, omit is no ruby varieties are to be found).
1 x block of good goats cheese (or you can use Persian feta)
12 very thinly sliced, good quality pancetta
1 x tbsp runny honey or maple syrup
1. Wash and dry lettuce, slice tomatoes into halves or quarters, break feta or goats cheese into chunks (size is up to you). 2. Peel and de-pith your grapefruit, slice into segments. 3. Into a large serving bowl, place the lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, cashews, grapefruit, goats/feta cheese (I normally do it in 2 or 3 layers so all the good stuff isn’t just sitting on the top) and set aside. 4. Place the pancetta into a baking tray and drizzle a tablespoon or so of honey (or maple syrup if you prefer) over the meat. 5. Grill the pancetta (keeping a good eye on it as the honey can cause it to burn easier) and when cooked, cool slightly then crumble all over the salad.
For the dressing:
4-6 tbsp good aged balsamic vinegar 1 large dollop (large tbsp) wholegrain mustard
Combine and drizzle all over salad.

Salad results: 19 Sept 2010
My gorgeous sister made this salad for her boyfriends parents on the week-end, apparently it did the trick and impressed…See below for her pic.


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