Dined at my local, all-time favourite restaurant last night; Bottega in Parkhurst.

I just luurrve this restaurant, as always, it exudes a constant charm and buzz, with packed tables arranged in the cosy & stylish face-bricked interior. And most importantly the food is always brilliant, simple and classy! I had the West Coast Sole, which was delicious and I succeeded in polishing off my entire, very generous, serving. The sole is crumbed and dry-grilled to perfection, with a side serving of a delicious lemon-butter type sauce, the key to Bottega’s food-success is their simplicity, they do not bother with the fine garnishes and frilly finishes, which are deemed unnecessary given the simple and fresh approach they have with their food. The others had lamb, rump, chorizo and calamari which all looked and smelt great. Needless to say, we all managed to roll our way out of there and trundle on to the Attic, where a little nightcap was much-needed; just to settle the food… All in all, a great night! Thanks team…

LOCATION: 4th Avenue, Parkhurst


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