In true colonial style

Had the most exquisite dining experience at Wombles in Parktown North on Saturday night. Everything was truly splendid and executed without a foot being stepped wrong. The service was impeccable and possibly the best service I have ever experienced; slick and calculated with an engaging, friendly edge that made one feel at home and perfectly comfortable.

The setting is a colonial old house situated behind leafy bamboo stalks – giving it a secluded and intriguing first impression. On welcome one is greeted by a roaring outdoor fire and friendly waitrons. The verandah is the place to sit, with tables done up using candles, large wooden armchairs and heavy white tablecloths, all placed in a dark and intimate setting.

And to top it all off, the food is superb, all dishes are very traditional and there is nothing here that is going to leave you wondering what the hell it is that you just ate, the portions are generous and all dishes come with a delicious variety of side-dishes. Wombles is recognised as the best steak house in Joburg, so if you are a meat-eater I would recommend you stick to ordering this. I am not of the red-meat-eating calibre and thus had the duck, done in a mandarin and orange glazed sauce. It was outstanding and I will most definitely clock this restaurant into my top-rated restaurants for two reasons; namely the service and the food.

Mandarin & Orange glazed duck served with mash

LOCATION: 17 3rd Avenue, Parktown North, Joburg


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