Phad Thai

I am an absolute sucker for thai food, I love the unique combination of flavours that they fuse together to create anything from noodles to satay’s and curries, which are all so delicious, fresh and healthy. Thai food encapsulates fusion food, combining flavours such as lemon grass, tamarind, coriander, peanuts, chilli, basil and coconut, which all work well together to create brilliant rubs and sauces for noodles and rice, to which just about any meat or veggie can be added.

Mmmmm, Phad Thai

I backpacked around Thailand a couple of years ago with two girl friends of mine, it was an amazing experience and I definitely attribute my love of thai food to this trip. My all-time favourite dish that I took away from Thailand was Phad Thai, you can literally buy Phad Thai from street vendors off the side of the road for the equivalent of about R20 a bowl, absolutely delicious and dirt cheap. I loved this dish so much that I even had a local teach me how to cook it, however the fact that neither of us could communicate in each others respective language was a slight hindrance and think may be the result of the fact that I have now attempted to make Phad Thai on 6 occasions and am yet to be successful?
I am not quite sure where I go wrong, but I think it’s somewhere between obtaining the right ingredients and the order in which I add them, my last Phad Thai turned out more like a noodle omelette, with fish sauce and tofu, fairly inedible to say the least!

Anyway, so you can imagine my delight when I came across this step-by-step guide from Aaron on how to make Phad Thai,  going to attempt this tonight, please may Mr Aaron be my Phad Thai saviour this evening…Seventh time lucky?

Click here for the recipe, and see below for some essential steps to ensure a good Phad Thai:


Adding the eggs to the cooked noodles – I think this is where the omelette mishap started…

So this is what is actually meant to look like…

Good luck and may you all have better Phad Thai luck than me


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