New York, New York

So for those of you who don’t yet know; I have relocated to NYC for a while and am set to be here for the next three months! This was all very last minute and hence the last few weeks of my life have been slightly chaotic; from getting my visa, booking flights and flying to NY all within one week – one could call it a little hectic! So after a beautiful New Year’s wedding and sad goodbye’s I was finally shipped off to the big apple and wow is it amazing to finally be here!

This city exudes an energy and a pace that proves unmatchable to anywhere else in the world I have ever seen…from the lights to the people to the shops; everything is so over the top, so bright and so beautiful. For example, there is an M&M store in Times Square that must be about 4 stories high and the entire store is dedicated to M&M’s, the scale of life here is totally unique!

Anyway it is fantastic to be here and have already done a fair amount of exploring and located some great local spots (thanks to my great local New Yorkian friends and the faithful guidebook!). But I will restrict these wonderful places to individual blog posts as otherwise I may be typing away all evening. Good night for now, and I promise to be a more frequent visitor on the blogging scene from now, so hopefully see you soon xx


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