Time Lapse

The last four years have been one beautiful, crazy whirlwind. I am now married & share my heart with our gorgeous 18month old daughter. We live in the historic city of Bath, famous for the ancient Roman Baths, shopping and any number of quirky cafes & shops. Bath is a little slice of London, a whimsical window into the Georgian era, she promises country charm infused with a scattering of posh urbanites and delivers on almost every expectation.

Being a mother and wife to a sportsman affords me the privilege of travelling the world and most importantly allows me an annual visit back to South Africa where I can reset my roots and settle the score on any potential identity/nationality crisis I may ever face.

For now my posts are to be my own personal diary, something to dialogue what its like to be mama to Lucy Maria, a food lover, a fitness enthusiast, a book worm and an appreciator of all things beautiful. If I gain enough confidence and any vaguely interesting trends develop from my musings then perhaps I will post them one day.

So why write again? I am most definitely not presumptuous enough to assume that anyone would be so bored as to take the time out to read through my ramblings, but I write for my love of writing and expression. I have a passion for beautiful literature and I do not profess mine to be of any high and mighty standard but perhaps, with enough practice I may just get there…one day.Unknown