Getting my sweat on

Being a full time mum and running around a nearly 2 year old often leaves me depleted and craving some time out to lie on the couch and zone out. However I find the best thing to keep my energy levels up is a combination of exercise and good eating. For the past year I have been roped into the popular Kayla Itsines BBG program,  I have completed the first series and am now on week 17 of the second series. The program is a basic HIIT workout program, I have never done a program that achieves such efficient results in such a short space of time (I workout for 30minutes). I do my Kayla program 3 x a week, run once a week and do a hot yoga class once a week. I find I need the yoga to counteract the high impact of HIIT and running.

Today I did my hot yoga class which reminded me just how much I love yoga, I crave my old yoga studio in Cape Town, Bath could seriously do with an upbeat heated studio – I love working out to music! However, having said that Diane from is the most fantastic and caring teacher, she really takes time out to nurture and connect with each student. Today I learnt to let go of my body, if that makes any sense, but by the end of the class I managed to get my breathing right and rid all tension from my jaw, allowing my body to fully push into the poses. Yoga is such a practice of patience, sometimes the smallest goals feel like the biggest achievements which is what ultimately drives me to keep on at it.


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