Same-Same But Different

I had the pleasure of an indulgent and lazy Sunday breakfast at the quirky Same-Same But Different eatery in town. The cafe is nestled away in the quaint Bartlett Street and boasts some beautiful artwork amongst a chic and homely decor. The food was superb as was the service. Thanks for a great morning!


Old fashioned ‘Soldiers & Eggs’


Bacon & Egg Bap on homemade buns


Some Salvation Please…

Woke up feeling utterly shattered on Saturday morning…my body has decided that it is not into sleeping-through-the-night mode of late, very frustrating and tiresome, to say the least!! And so it was that a strong cup of coffee & some sustenance was in order, to get me through the day and sleeping again. Went on down to 44 Stanley; this little quarter is just blossoming at the moment, every time I go to this place another little oasis seems to have popped up, offering patrons more variety and drawing in new crowds. I took a peek into Vovotelo, a beautiful, new, artisan bakery that has opened up, the aroma’s of freshly baked bread mingled with coffee can’t help but draw one in. Both the vibe and the produce looked great, can’t wait to give this little place a try.

For brekkie I opted for the quirky Salvation Cafe, where they serve delicious homemade, soulful and down-to-earth food, which is exactly what I needed. I had the homemade granola with fresh fruit. My usual, but I adore muesli’s and granola’s (weird I know, but I do get excited when I see such things as homemade granola on the menu as I despise those pre-made, flavourless muesli’s that you get in supermarkets). Anyway mine was delicious and very tastefully presented.

F had their parmesan & basil open omelette with toasted beetroot ciabatta – also very good, plain and simple. Could have done with a little something else, maybe some bacon or caramelised onions? something to add a little fat and flavour??


Yet still this cafe is still an all-time favourite, draws a great genre of people, instills a relaxed atmosphere, provides the standard service and delivers great and wholesome food. Always a pleasure, Thanks

LOCATION: 44 Stanley Avenue, Milpark

Blissful breakfasts

Sunday mornings are my ultimate indulgences & new favourite affection; the weekend is still in full-swing and the Sunday night blues are yet to hit home. The hectic rush of Saturday is over – which in my case involves charging around Joburg doing admin and preparing for the day/night/week ahead. I treasure and hold onto every little ounce of them; lazing in bed till ten, awakening to sunshine and the smells of jasmine, drinking tea in bed and then meandering on to quell the hunger pangs!!!

Yesterday was no different to the usual and wanted to quickly relay the delicious breakfast that we had at Moemas Patisserie & Food Shop in Parktown North.

As the weather is so glorious at the moment, we strolled up to the Parktown Quarter and luckily managed to get a table at Moemas. I had their amazing health breakfast – comprising gorgeous cinnamon granola and fruit. And F had their omelette of goats cheese ricotta, caramalised onions, spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes, hmmmm – this is making me hungry again. Topped off with great freezo’s, coffee’s and brilliant service; this place is a little gem! Think I may have found my new “Happy Sunday Morning” spot!



LOCATION: Parktown Quarter , Cnr 3rd and 7th Avenue, Parktown North