Some Salvation Please…

Woke up feeling utterly shattered on Saturday morning…my body has decided that it is not into sleeping-through-the-night mode of late, very frustrating and tiresome, to say the least!! And so it was that a strong cup of coffee & some sustenance was in order, to get me through the day and sleeping again. Went on down to 44 Stanley; this little quarter is just blossoming at the moment, every time I go to this place another little oasis seems to have popped up, offering patrons more variety and drawing in new crowds. I took a peek into Vovotelo, a beautiful, new, artisan bakery that has opened up, the aroma’s of freshly baked bread mingled with coffee can’t help but draw one in. Both the vibe and the produce looked great, can’t wait to give this little place a try.

For brekkie I opted for the quirky Salvation Cafe, where they serve delicious homemade, soulful and down-to-earth food, which is exactly what I needed. I had the homemade granola with fresh fruit. My usual, but I adore muesli’s and granola’s (weird I know, but I do get excited when I see such things as homemade granola on the menu as I despise those pre-made, flavourless muesli’s that you get in supermarkets). Anyway mine was delicious and very tastefully presented.

F had their parmesan & basil open omelette with toasted beetroot ciabatta – also very good, plain and simple. Could have done with a little something else, maybe some bacon or caramelised onions? something to add a little fat and flavour??


Yet still this cafe is still an all-time favourite, draws a great genre of people, instills a relaxed atmosphere, provides the standard service and delivers great and wholesome food. Always a pleasure, Thanks

LOCATION: 44 Stanley Avenue, Milpark



Dined at my local, all-time favourite restaurant last night; Bottega in Parkhurst.

I just luurrve this restaurant, as always, it exudes a constant charm and buzz, with packed tables arranged in the cosy & stylish face-bricked interior. And most importantly the food is always brilliant, simple and classy! I had the West Coast Sole, which was delicious and I succeeded in polishing off my entire, very generous, serving. The sole is crumbed and dry-grilled to perfection, with a side serving of a delicious lemon-butter type sauce, the key to Bottega’s food-success is their simplicity, they do not bother with the fine garnishes and frilly finishes, which are deemed unnecessary given the simple and fresh approach they have with their food. The others had lamb, rump, chorizo and calamari which all looked and smelt great. Needless to say, we all managed to roll our way out of there and trundle on to the Attic, where a little nightcap was much-needed; just to settle the food… All in all, a great night! Thanks team…

LOCATION: 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

oh for a cocktail…

So my Thursday is really dragging ass, come’on the weekend!

For some un-beknown reason (maybe its the never-ending pile of files that have been confronting me all day that just never seem to disappear) I have a serious craving for a delicious, minty Mojito from the Attic… think I may have to nab little A who is diligently working alongside me and head over there for an after-work relaxant.


Blissful breakfasts

Sunday mornings are my ultimate indulgences & new favourite affection; the weekend is still in full-swing and the Sunday night blues are yet to hit home. The hectic rush of Saturday is over – which in my case involves charging around Joburg doing admin and preparing for the day/night/week ahead. I treasure and hold onto every little ounce of them; lazing in bed till ten, awakening to sunshine and the smells of jasmine, drinking tea in bed and then meandering on to quell the hunger pangs!!!

Yesterday was no different to the usual and wanted to quickly relay the delicious breakfast that we had at Moemas Patisserie & Food Shop in Parktown North.

As the weather is so glorious at the moment, we strolled up to the Parktown Quarter and luckily managed to get a table at Moemas. I had their amazing health breakfast – comprising gorgeous cinnamon granola and fruit. And F had their omelette of goats cheese ricotta, caramalised onions, spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes, hmmmm – this is making me hungry again. Topped off with great freezo’s, coffee’s and brilliant service; this place is a little gem! Think I may have found my new “Happy Sunday Morning” spot!



LOCATION: Parktown Quarter , Cnr 3rd and 7th Avenue, Parktown North

Champagne Air

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in the ever-charming, quaint beach town of Hermanus. This little town somehow manages to envelop you into its daily routine on-goings, be it drifting around coffee shops, browsing through the abundance of decor shops, braaing fresh fish off the boats, watching the whales, falling asleep to the sound of the sea et cetera et cetera, need I say more?  Featured some favourite spots of mine below, check them out in case you ever in the area…

My favourite Hermanus coffee spot; The Bistro at Just Pure. Great coffee and delicious food. Warm atmosphere with a small decor shop that’s been incorporated into the cafe.

For an authentic Italian experience visit the Deli, situated just off the Hermanus main road. This is a secret, local hotspot that has done well to be kept under-wraps from the passing tourists. For the best coffee in town, freshly baked croissants and genuine imported italian meats and cheeses then definitely give the Deli a visit, you might just have to wait a while, as service is not what they’re about.

Am very excited for this; it’s the annual Hermanus Whale Festival that takes place over the long weekend towards the end of September and am definitely missioning down for this. Have been twice before and its a rocking little beach festival, such fun! Lots of live street performances (which they close off the main street for), loads of whales and if the weather so promises maybe a little beach time. So if ever there was an excuse to head down there; then this may just be what you’re looking for?

LOCATIONS: Just Pure, Park Avenue, Hermanus
                           The Deli, 181 Main Road, Hermanus