Texas does Hermanus

Ok sorry have been a little quiet of late, but what with the long weekend, 5am flights and being back at work I have not yet had the chance to touch base with myself, let alone my computer… So all-in-all the weekend was an absolute blast, spent it in Hermanus at the Whale Festival, Hermanus as always was on best form, with buzzing streets, packed bars, festivals, markets and of course frolicking whales everywhere. There was enough on show to keep anyone entertained, from train rides to music to acrobatics, you name it, it was there. Lots of eating, drinking and fun was had and am now completely knackered, a lot of sleep and rest is very much needed at the moment!

The local acrobats doing their thing, amazing!

Spent a large part of my Saturday day sitting in one of the local tapas bars, sipping on some chilled Sauvignon and being highly entertained by what the crowd had on offer; I was most bemused by the local fashionista’s doing their thing and noted that a common theme slowly started emerging throughout the day – TEXAN STYLE, clearly Hermanus locals have hit the checked shirt, cowgirl craze, not quite sure what was going on here but Texan style is clearly the way to go in this little town, yeehah! Have a look at some of these beauties that I spotted.

Cause you never know when you are going to need that black leather moon-bag?


 Very strange happenings to say the least – and no, this is not a joke?


oh for a cocktail…

So my Thursday is really dragging ass, come’on the weekend!

For some un-beknown reason (maybe its the never-ending pile of files that have been confronting me all day that just never seem to disappear) I have a serious craving for a delicious, minty Mojito from the Attic… think I may have to nab little A who is diligently working alongside me and head over there for an after-work relaxant.