The summer house is back!!

Our living situation in Jozi has been a bit dire of late; to say the least – what with house-mates finding themselves attached to respective lovers, we all appear to have become a little wrapped up in ourselves – this could also be thanks to the abrasive winter onslaught that attacked us up here which dismally affected the social regime… Whatever it may be, it has resulted in a quiet and disappointingly unsociable performance from the summer-house team (aka our Parkhurst residence which beds 4 of us friends that go way back…)

This however was rectified as of Saturday 04 September 2010. In true SA style we hosted a braai for the rugby and told whom-s0-ever was interested to pop round – landed up having a good crowd of about 30 of us and much fun was had by all. With some sipping on Pimm’s (thanks Huffie & Stormie), chilling in the sun, braaing, eating, laughing, swimming and the evening was topped off with a stroll down to  oh-so-classy Jolly Rodger…hmmmm – could have done without this detail! but it does somehow always guarantee an entertaining night.

mmmm, totally over-catered…


Thanks for the great day and congrats to the “summer-house” team, good to have you back!


Spring is in the Air

So it seems that I will never tire of my local neighbourhood, Parkhurst – I was out and about on 4th Avenue last night and wow, the vibe was amazing! Every restaurant was brimming over with patrons, some sipping on the Attic’s finest sweet mojito’s whilst others enjoyed the bustling vibe of Espresso, the pavements were packed and finally all the dreary black winter coats have been laid to rest & substituted with short floral skirts and sandles – yay, spring has finally arrived!

“A little Madness in the Spring
          Is wholesome even for the King.”

                                              Emily Dickinson No. 1333 (c.1875)


Champagne Air

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in the ever-charming, quaint beach town of Hermanus. This little town somehow manages to envelop you into its daily routine on-goings, be it drifting around coffee shops, browsing through the abundance of decor shops, braaing fresh fish off the boats, watching the whales, falling asleep to the sound of the sea et cetera et cetera, need I say more?  Featured some favourite spots of mine below, check them out in case you ever in the area…

My favourite Hermanus coffee spot; The Bistro at Just Pure. Great coffee and delicious food. Warm atmosphere with a small decor shop that’s been incorporated into the cafe.

For an authentic Italian experience visit the Deli, situated just off the Hermanus main road. This is a secret, local hotspot that has done well to be kept under-wraps from the passing tourists. For the best coffee in town, freshly baked croissants and genuine imported italian meats and cheeses then definitely give the Deli a visit, you might just have to wait a while, as service is not what they’re about.

Am very excited for this; it’s the annual Hermanus Whale Festival that takes place over the long weekend towards the end of September and am definitely missioning down for this. Have been twice before and its a rocking little beach festival, such fun! Lots of live street performances (which they close off the main street for), loads of whales and if the weather so promises maybe a little beach time. So if ever there was an excuse to head down there; then this may just be what you’re looking for?

LOCATIONS: Just Pure, Park Avenue, Hermanus
                           The Deli, 181 Main Road, Hermanus